The jelli Triptych opens up the arena of thoughts on how we want to live together in the broadest sense, meaning which realities we live upon and who this „we“ is: jelli finds small remedies and observations of categories like the self, the group, the others. It assumes that a perspective is a reality, which is therefore modifiable.

Furthermore, jelli propagates the desire to endure different realities at the same time - and thus the desire to think. Where several parallel interpretations can be imagined, a temporary vision of how we can live together emerges: the acceptance of multiple realities. Thus jelli refers to a necessary attitude in our future society.

Three formats explore how, despite this inconsistency, you can sense and make sense for yourself and with others: in a performance (AIYU), in a print publication (AGAR AGAR) and in open workshop formats (PATATA STARCH). The titles of the three projects each designate a vegetable gelling agent and allow speculation about a herbal future.
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