It's like a dream, // no end and no beginning // you're here with me, // it's like a dream. // You need me (need me) // And I need you (don't you know) // Maybe we'll make something // Me myself, I got nothing to prove.

AIYU. performing jelli invites you to a shared audio play in an uncertain future. Between English pop lyrics from the past millennium and the next microphone change, there’s space to rethink who this I, You and We could be. jelli, then, is the lust to observe how our thoughts constantly change their consistency. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.
With this performance Lucie Schroeder investigates her interest in sensitizing spaces, in contradictions, sound art and artificiality in social situations.

Concept, Text, Sound: Lucie Schroeder
Space, Light: Yi-Jou Chuang
Cooperation Sound: Kai Niggemann
Outside Eye: Kate McIntosh
Cooperation Technique: Achim Schroeder, Martin Muth

Big thanks to
Ping-Yu Pan, Teyn Wang, Saskia Stoltze, Janis Jirotka, Lois Bartel, Icaro Zorbar, Gloria Höckner, Visnja Stretenović, Marie Werthschulte, Nikola Jovanović, Martin Muth, Carolin Jüngst, Teresa Hoffmann, Maria Popara, Hanna Schwerwinski and to the test audience.
Thank you to PACT Zollverein for a studio scholarship, to K3 Tanzplan Hamburg for a free studio and to Schaumstoff Lübke for some foam.

Past Shows:
3. and 4. November 2018, each at 6pm and 8pm at Galerie 21 (Vorwerkstr. 21, Hamburg).

Press Reviews:
Teresa Hoffmann, PLATEAU online:
"Mit AIYU schafft Lucie Schroeder einen Raum für detaillierte Blicke auf uns selbst und die anderen, weckt Sehnsüchte durch Songtexte und kreiert ein Lagerfeuer im Iglu."

Heike Bröckerhoff, Moritz Frischkorn, PLATEAU on FSK Radio:

Teaser and photography © Pedro Torres,